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Monday, 16 June 2014  |  Admin


Marketing ideas for cake and cupcake producers

Here are few ideas we have put together as possible marketing ideas for cupcake producers, both shops and home bakers.  If you have additional ideas do let us know, its always great to share ideas and everybody has their own take on somebody else's.


Never let a cupcake or cake go to waste

When baking you often have cupcakes over, or you may be trying a new flavour or recipe - never let them go to waste.    Check out local businesses in your area and drop them off a free sample of your baking.  

Most companies will have marketing plans, you can suggest they mail cupcakes out to launch a product or a new promotion.  Its very hard to ignore a cupcake and nowadays you can get great cupcake toppers printed with logos etc.  Our Cakes-Away boxes are great for mailing out and come is sizes to hold 1 or 6 cupcakes.

Lots of businesses will have a sales team and if they are calling on customers its great to take a gift.  You could offer them the option of you making them fresh cupcakes as the perfect ice breaker for cold calling.  When I worked in an office years ago we had a rep that always arrived with just one small truffle he had bought that morning beautifully presented for me - funny enough he always managed to get to see my boss !!

Cakes and cupcakes are also great as prizes for sales targets having been met or for team building days.  You could also offer to do a team building exercise - ie:_ decorate a cake or cupcake class - paid obviously.

Don't forget that it is very common for employees to bring cakes to work on their birthday.  This happens a lot, you could offer a small card to be put in the staff room with your number and details so they can order boxes of cupcakes or a cake.

Contact local marketing companies

Check the internet for local marketing companies to you.  Many marketing companies do not know that it is possible to use cupcakes in a marketing campaign. Hand delivery a sample and see if you can get to talk to someone about how you could help them.

Check out your local florists

Florists will often love to link up with cake companies.  What could be better for both of you offer the option of flowers and cupcakes.  Imagine going to a wedding fayre and having a beautiful arrangement of flowers on your table along with your cakes.  This way you are promoting them and yourself and ask them to do the same for you by offering a small display of cakes when they do a fayre.  This also works well for photography sessions when you can both help one another.  Alot of brides visit florists and they can offer your card to prospective brides and you can do the same for them.

Check out your local photographers

Make friends with local photographers by dropping them a free sample.  Photographers, like florists have prospective brides visit them and they also use cakes and cupcakes as props for pictures of products etc.  You could perhaps provide a dummy wedding cake or cupcakes for their window if they have one and leave your cards with them - its another shop window after all.  You could also ask for their help when taking pictures of your products etc.

Pop into local estate agents

Drop a sample of a cake or cupcakes into your local estate agents.  You will be surprised who they know locally and why not offer them a great deal on cakes for their clients.  How nice would it be to offer someone who is collecting the keys of their new house a cake or some cupcakes.  Everybody needs to make cups of tea on moving day for friends, family or removal men, and who would not appreciate a bit of cake.  In proportion to the commission earned on a house sale a box of cakes would be nothing but would definitely be remembered and talked about.  The average house price in the UK is £253,000 and commission at 1.5% would be £3,795.

Call into your local funeral directors

This may be a strange one but well worth a try.  Drop off a sample of cake and leave them a card offering the service of ready made cakes or full blown teas.  Remember there is usually a gathering or wake and tea/coffee and cake is the traditional offering.  Even if someone has everybody back to the family house, cake making is going to be the last thing they want to do. 

We are happy to add to this, if you have a good idea that you would be prepared to share please let us know.  

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