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How to bake the perfect size cupcake - for our Cakes-Away boxes

Sunday, 13 July 2014  |  Admin

How to bake the perfect sized cupcake for our Cakes-Away boxes - using our Naked baking cases 


When using our Cakes-Away cupcake posting boxes it is imperative that you have the right size cake in order to achieve successful safe posting.  It took us 2 years to develop our unique boxes - in fact the worlds first complete solution for posting cupcakes.  Our biggest hurdle was making sure our customers put the same size cupcake into the boxes every time.  The reason for this is that the box works by the specially designed plastic dome sitting over the cupcake and the lip of the dome holding the cupcake paper case down into the box.  If the cupcake is too small the cake can fall into the dome when the box in inverted.  If the cupcake is the right size it can not possibly fall into the dome.  

As cupcake baking tins vary in their diameter we needed a way of producing a cupcake the right size 72-75mm across without our customers having to purchase new tins. When you next bake a batch of cupcakes using your bun tin measure the baked cupcakes diameter.  If it measures the right size you can carry on using your tin, but if it is smaller you can follow these simple steps for baking the ideal size cupcake.  Try baking 2 at a time until you find the perfect formula that works for you.

Every Cakes-Away box comes with more than enough of our unique Naked baking cases (cupcake cases that can be baked on a flat baking sheet).  We always provide a few extra cases with our boxes so that you can bake one at a time to achieve the perfect size and find a formula that works for you.  We used the recipe on our website to make the following cupcakes.  


1.  Weigh 50g of mixture into the cupcake case (I discovered it was the same measurement as my ice cream scoop so I no longer need to weigh mine).  Place onto a baking tray leaving a small gap for expansion and to stop them from touching one another during baking and miss-shaping. Make sure the cases are nice and round once the mixture is in them.   


3.  Once they are cooled check that they measure the right size.  If they are too small I would suggest you try 55g of mixture to increase the size, adjusting each time until you find the formula that works for you.  Everyones technique, oven and mixture will be slightly different.

4.  Ice with a crumb coat (a layer of icing over cupcake)  that you allow to dry before finishing your decoration.  This ensures that the icing adheres well to the cupcake.

5.  We always advise our customers to trial the Cakes-Away box by sending a cupcake to yourself first to make sure you have the right technique before sending cupcakes out for paying customers.  This gives you peace of mind that they will work.  We decided to follow the whole process through and  posted the cupcake seen above to ourselves and here is the result.



If you trial the box and you have a failure the most likely cause is a cupcake that was the wrong size - in which case the cupcake will have turned over or fallen into the dome damaging the icing etc.   The only other likely cause is icing that has not adhered to the cupcake.  Obviously we do not know which recipes customers use for icing and the quantities used.  We give a sample recipe on our website to give you an idea of the ratio of fat to sugar.  The icing needs to dry and adhere to the cupcake.  Too soft an icing will come away easily from the cupcake.  Once you have iced your cupcake turn it upside down and give it a good downward shake to test the icing.  You don't need to do this with every cupcake but it will give you an idea if you have the right consistency.  Please bear in mind that in the case of very hot weather you may wish to add additional packing to insulate the cupcake.  You could also add a small ice pack.  One of our customers sent some cupcakes in Spain and so she used the small flexible ice packs that you can buy.  She carefully cut inbetween the ice pillows and tucked them around the cupcakes to keep them cool.


The images below show a cupcake cooked using my baking tin.  Although the aperture meases 70 cm across the bun once baked measured 65 cm so it is important to measure cupcakes once they are baked.

HELP LINE - If you experience any problems do give us a call in the office for advice - we are here to help and as so many of our customers have achieved success we know you can too.  It  may be worth photographing  before posting and after posting so that we can see what the problem may have been. 

Happy baking and posting.




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