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Cakes-Away Postable Cupcake Boxes


Cakes-away cupcake recipe

Makes 15 cupcakes          Oven temperature 190ºC/375ºF/gas 5

Our cakes-away cake cases are perfect for using with the cakes-away.  They do not need a bun tin – simply stand them on a baking sheet with a small space in between them – please note if you do decide to put them into a cupcake tin the size of the finished cake will depend on the angle of the sides of the cake tin – all tins are different which is why we recommend using the supplied cake cases without a bun tin.  Follow the recipe below or use your own verision.  If you do use your own make sure the quantities are very similar as it is crucial that you get the right amount of mixture in the cake cases.  If you put less mixture in them the cakes will be too small to fit the cake-away properly.  You can use your own cases but you would have to test them first.  The cupcakes need to measure 70 – 75 mm across and the paper edge must sit nicely into the recess of the domed cakes-away lid, ensuring safe transit of cakes. The cakes away box is supplied with some extra cases for you to test first.

225g/8oz unsalted butter or Stork (baking fat)

225g/8oz self-raising flour sifted

225g/8oz caster sugar

Large free range eggs

Zest of 1 lemon or a couple of drops of vanilla whichever you prefer

Read our blog - on how to bake the perfect cupcakes using our Naked Baking Cases and the above recipes here - 

1.  Cream the butter and sugar together until very light and fluffy.

2.  Add one egg and two spoons of flour, mix well and then continue to do the same with rest of eggs and flour until all added and beaten together gently.

3.  Fold in lemon zest or vanilla.

4.  Divide the mixture equally into 16 cake-away cake cases (we have found an ice-cream scoop does this nicely).

5.  Bake in the oven (190ºC/375ºF/gas 5) for 15 minutes, check by sticking a cocktail stick right into one of them.  Remove it after 5 seconds and if it comes out clean they are cooked, if slightly sticky the will need a bit longer. Bake until golden on top. Remove from tray and place of a cake rack to cool.

If you wish to make a chocolate version substitute one heaped tablespoon of flour for one heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Lemon Buttercream Recipe 

This recipe is the one we have used for doing our trials for the Cakes-Away.  It gives you an idea of the quantity/ratio of sugar to butter, and makes quite a firm buttercream.  The recipe is from the Primrose Bakery cupcake book.  Icing needs to adhere to the cupcake and stay firm during transit.  

 115g unsalted butter at room temperature.

30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice.

2tsp grated lemon zest.

500g Icing sugar.

Read our blog - on how to bake the perfect cupcakes using our Naked Baking Cases and the above recipes here - 

PLEASE NOTE - In very hot weather you may need to add ice packs to your Cakes-Away box and add additional wrapping.  We know our box works but we can not cater for extreme heat.   




Here are some of the reviews and appreciation photos we have received from customers about our Cakes-Away Postable Cupcake Box:


We sent some cupcakes to Sarah Willingham and she loved the box so much she sent us back this photo and said:  " what a great website you have! Love your boxes & handbags. all cupcakes arrived in perfect condition"


Check out this amazing review with step by step pic from The Charmed Cupcake.


Cupcakes for Fathers Day

One of our customers decorated cupcakes with her children for them to send to their Dad who was serving in Afghanistan.  The cupcakes arrived safely and it brought a tear to his eye - what a lovely story.

 Cupcakes By Claire: 

The after shot!! These were sent via Royal Mail yesterday to my darlin sister in my new fab postable boxes!



Frou Frou Cakes - sent us this lovely image after a successful delivery.
Another successful delivery using your posting boxes we sent these out yesterday and they reached the birthday girl this morning. Frou Frous Cakes
Photo: Another successful delivery using your posting boxes we sent these out yesterday and they reached the birthday girl this morning. Frou Frous Cakes


Enchanted Cupcakes: 

I sent these with your boxes and followed your extra tips (thanks for those by the way!) and look how well they arrived!! These boxes are fab! Only problem I had was with the cases but I used my own and they worked perfectly! Will definitely be posting more!



Fiona Clarke of Simply Luscious Cake Emporium: 

"Cakes arrived today in perfect condition!! They are GORGEOUS!!"



Cakes By Nohalia:

Cupcakes after arriving at their destination. Not bad at all :D!!! The sugar plaques stayed in place. 
A few lessons learnt for me but overall a successful result!
Cakes Away boxes work! :)


Frou Frous Cupcakes: 

Another successful Cakes-Away  delivery for Frou Frous


 Janes Cupcakes: 

another satisfied customer received these today!! It really is fab packaging isn't it? Well done Card Cuts x




 Orla @ Cuppa Cake:

Sent very detailed and delicate cupcakes by post this week, here are before and afters! Delighted! I'm in Ireland so they were sent with our national standard postal service, 100% perfect on delivery zero damage! 


 Simply Eat & Piece Of Cake: 

Hello ladies, thought you would like to see some more of my cakes sent using your brilliant boxes!This is a box of cakes sent to Scotland this week on Tuesday and arrived first class post at 11am Wednesday morning. As you know I have sent cakes all over Uk & N Ireland now and everytime they have arrived in perfect condition, I love them! Trisha xxx



Nicola Hall: 

Just to let you know my cupcakes arrived perfect and intact via Royal Mail First Class. I will definitely be using again and recommending to all my cake friends! :)



 Suzie Smith:  

Posted Saturday but arrived quite safely yesterday - Grantham to London


Susan Hamilton:

Heres a pic of the cakes I sent 1/2 way a cross the country posted by Royal mail and yesterday and received today


 Sophie England: 

And after on arrival.....had even been thrown across the room by my Brother in Law who didnt know there were Cupcakes in there!!!


 Maddie Thatcher: 

Thought i would update you on my cupcakes by post - sent some yesterday - 1 signed for to Olney and 1 special delivery to Lanarkshire - both arrived perfect and my cousin and friend were delighted to be guinea pigs - highly recommended and hopefully will be sending some more very soon!! Madelaine's Cupcakes xx



Kelly Cook: 

My trial using your box, this is how they arrived - I'm happy :) 



Back of Beyond Baking:

This little box is the cupcake makers dream. It allows one to post 6 cupcakes to anywhere via Royal Mail (special delivery recommended) and have the cupcakes arrive in perfect condition with the recipient. 


Jodie Innes: 


Dessert Face: 

Yay!! So pleased :D your Cakes-Away boxes are yet another fabulous product




Chilli Fudge: 

Hi! I thought you might like to see the cakes I sent recently using your posting boxes - I'd say that can go down as a success! Will definitely be buying more and sending cakes further afield again 


Catriona MacNeill: 

here are my cakes that I sent from Glasgow to Essex - "like omg totes amazeballs and well reem" - especially as the lady at the post office seemed oblivious to to my 'this way up' and 'please handle with care' stickers as within in 5 minutes of handling the box she had chucked it in the sack - literally ........ 


Carousel Cupcakes: 

Thanks @card_cuts for making such awesome cupcake boxes! Look how well our Pug Puppy Cupcake survived his trip! :D


Cakes On Toast:  

Here are some of my Valentine cupcakes that I sent to Brighton using your posting boxes. 



 The Cake Decorating Company:

We Think they're great! 


 Barrie Kaplan: 

Just sent these amazing cupcakes and cake pops and all I can say is WOW 



 Simply Luscious Cake Emporium: 

 I just thought you might like to hear the feedback about your packaging I got from @Jenna Cayless; "…they looked stunning and they survived the postal system, that packaging is amazing..." The photo I received showed that they had arrived perfectly. The roses are fragile and done in buttercream!



 Here are The Rich & Fruity Cake Co's results: Ta da! A sample of The Rich & Fruity Cake Co. Valentines 'Sweetie" Cupcakes arrived safely in Essex today. Not a mark on them, thank you Card Cuts! 


Lindsey Said: Thank you so much for your amazing Cakes-Away box. My cakes have arrived in perfect condition  



 Kate Lou sent us this picture and said: Hi, A picture of the cakes I sent using your Cakes Away box. Sent these with Interlink yesterday from Portsmouth and the arrived in Daventry today x 


Barbara: These were sent by royal mail, the recipient sent me the photo, I was impressed that the delicate rose piping travelled fine, took 2 days normal first class, wasn't bad in Christmas post x 



 Karen said: posted using new cakes away, posted and arrived safe using, the 6 and 15 hold cup cake pods and the 9" round cake pod. I have posted using your products for a good while and they have helped us raise well over £6000 for charities in last year, very highly recommend the products, easy to use, value for money and keep cakes safe in post x  



Miss Cupcaker said: Good Morning, Just posting a photograph of the cakes I posted using your box. Posted to London from Cumbria on Monday morning and they arrived the following day.  




 Here are before and after pictures from Janes Cupcakes, Jane said: These boxes are brilliant. What a fantastic idea!! Thanks so much. Need to place another order lol x



From The Simple Cupcake Company: "These were sent from Bristol to Norfolk by first class post. They arrived safe and sound and I've been told "they look really good and tasted awesome" only 2 pieces of toffee fell off!"


 Simply Eat & Piece Of Cake sent cakes to friends in Ireland and said:  They know how particular I am about everything so they were very honest about the condition. They said the box itself was still in perfect condition as well. I also topped the cakes with snowflakes because they are quite fragile normally just to see if they stayed in one piece and they did. Incidentally they said the cakes were amazing, which I kind of forgot about,I was just interested in how they got there!




 These photos were sent to us by Cupcake Girl Uk, she said: "After being sent to Hinckley/Leicester! Arrived before one with royal mail special delivery,great product. seriously I held my breathe but Card Cuts product really works! No mess, no icing miss hap fab!!! super duper!"





Here is another customer image, this customer said to us: 

"I thought I would post the cakes that arrived up North today in your amazing boxes.I have to say I am very very impressed.So glad I found you :-)"





 There has also been a really helpful write up on Mrs Bakers Cakes Blog about the Cakes-Away Box and our Naked Baking Cases, you can read about it here



We have tested this box extensively and are confident it works providing that you follow the instructions, use the cases provided and make sure your cakes measure 70-75mm as they have to be this size to stay in place. We would always advise the cupcakes to be sent by courier or Royal Mail Next Day Delivery- even if only to ensure that your cupcakes will arrive fresh

Please send us your reviews and pictures so we can add them to our page, we love to hear from you!