Cupcake Pods

Cupcake pods are our own range of individual cupcake packaging. The cupcake packaging solution that enables a cake to be safely packaged whilst fully visable- keeping cupcakes fresh and untouchable. Our cupcake pods come complete with our own unique solution for safe insertion and removal from the pod without damage to delicate icing. This is totally unique to us.

The cupcake pods come in 5 different sizes ideal for small fairy cakes, cupcakes and muffins. A size for every shape of individual cupcake from those with low icing to those with luscious high icing. Cupcake pods can also be used for holding soaps, truffles/chocolates, baby products, gifts etc.

PRINTING SERVICE AVAILABLE - we are now able to offer a printing service where we can print a circular sticker to go onto the very top of the pods. Ideal for advertising your business - why not have your cupcake company name on the top or your website details perhaps. Please call us on 01435 812381 for details.